Owner FAQ

Will Our Home Be Maintained?

REC – Real Estate Connections has established relationships with the area’s best certified contractors and vendors. If something needs to be fixed, we know the people to do the best job.

What About Rental Laws?

REC – Real Estate Connections keeps abreast of the continuing changes in the real estate laws: rent control, tenant eviction, hazardous material, the new lock law, etc.

What is REC - Real Estate Connection's Property Leasing Service:

REC – Real Estate Connection handles the advertisement of the property, the screening process for potential tenants, as well as tenant occupancy procedures. Once the property is rented and the lease is signed we turn the management back over to the owner.

What is REC - Real Estate Connection's Monthly Management Services:

REC – Real Estate Connection doesn’t just stop when the property is leased! This is full service property management.  We handle the leasing, maintenance, record keeping, and overall property upkeep.  We go the extra mile and provide regular management and upkeep.

How does REC - Real Estate Connection send me my funds once the tenant pays rent?

REC – Real Estate Connections will send you funds directly into your bank account via ACH.  We will also email you a statement showing all the activity on your account.  You are also able to log into your account from our website.

Where to you advertise my home for rent?

REC – Real Estate Connection will advertise your home on Craigslist, Zillow, and Trulia.  We also have about a dozen other websites that your home will be posted.  We also install a for rent sign on the home for additional advertising.

What if the tenant doesn’t pay rent?

When REC – Real Estate Connections qualifies and approves a tenant it’s very rare to get to this point, however, if it does get to this point REC will follow through to the end.  The first step will be to contact the tenant to make them aware we do not have the rent just in case it was an oversight on their part.  We will also deliver a 3-day notice “To Pay or Quit”.  If we are still unsuccessful we will discuss further legal options with the owner of the property.

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